10 Hour Shift Schedule Template

10 Hour Shift Schedule: Tips and How to Create It

For human resource management purposes, companies usually will have a special template to jot down employee’s schedules. If everyone within a company uses a similar template, then it would not be so hard for the HR office to decipher the work schedule. This passage will be discussing the way to create a 10-hour shift schedule for companies that run on such a system.


Tips for Convenient Work Scheduling

If you are creating a work schedule for your employees, there are some tips that will make everything more convenient for everyone involved.

  1. Understanding the team

You should understand every member of your team. This includes their personalities, work habits, and strength, and weaknesses. As an example, employee A is a great employee but he has trouble waking up early during the workday. You should not set him up for an early shift because it will make the shifting process running bumpily.

  1. Prioritizing the best employees

In every type of shift scheduling, including a 10-hour shift schedule, you need to prioritize your best employees. It is done by placing them in a shift that fits their characteristics the most so they become comfortable and do the best with their tasks. Your best employees are people who can conduct tasks efficiently with great results.

  1. Updating schedule quickly

As an employer, you must update the schedule quickly so that your employee does not have to experience sudden shift change. This will avoid an unwanted situation such as misinformed employees or troubles in finding a substitute. You can use an automated system to announce the change in the work schedule. It will make your life a whole lot easier.

  1. Freedom is finding a substitute

Instead of micromanaging your employee’s schedule, you should provide them a little bit of freedom. It can be done by allowing them to find a substitute on their own. In some cases, your employee may not be able to attend a shift due to certain events. The employee is allowed to find a replacement on their own.

Creating a Spreadsheet for Schedule

How to create a 10-hour shift schedule on the spreadsheet? Let’s take a look at these steps.

  • Open the spreadsheet program and create new data.
  • There will be an option to create a schedule, and you will be able to select a special template that you want to use.
  • Replace the name already on the template with the real employee’s name.
  • Highlight the schedule of the employee within the month or week. This will make the employee having an easier time reading the schedule.
  • Delete dummy information that is present on the template.
  • Save the spreadsheet file into your internal drive.
  • Name the file clearly, preferably with the employee’s name and scheduled date.


Template Example

A template example for 10-hour shift schedule is the one with the weekly system. In the most left side, you can see timestamp written intermittently in 30 minutes span. Thus, the employee must write down when they get into the office and leave the office. As an example, the employee comes into the office at 8 a.m. then on the schedule card, they need to leave the office at 6 p.m. Every day on the week is written clearly with the date and employee’s name is placed on top.


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