12 Hour Shift Schedule Template

Three Samples of 12 Hour Shift Schedule Template

Currently, many companies are employing 12 hour long shift system for their employees’ schedules. There are some reasons for this choice. It allows employees to have more days off and longer breaks. Without appropriate 12 hour shift schedule template, though, this system would create an issue in the HR management process. Thus, you will get to know some templates that might be suitable for your company.


Logbook and Schedule Combination

This template is designed for one person with each page dedicated for only one shift at work. Here are the components of the template.

  1. Information of employee

The information of employee includes the employee’s name and position within the company. It will make the HR team deciphering the information easier.

  1. Date of shift

In the 12 hour shift schedule template like this, you should also write down the day and date for the shift. It will provide the information on when the shift is occurring.

  1. Hourly log

The main attractive point of this template is hourly log. As an example, you work from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and then you will have to fill information about what you are doing for each hour in your shift. It enables employer to monitor employee easier.

Rotating Shift for Teams

This 12 hour shift schedule template is designed for multiple groups at once. Thus it uses codes to make the delivery of information more concise. It is color coded as well to make the information clearer.

  1. Sections for each group

To make it easier to understand every group that is mentioned in the schedule must have different section so that they can focus only on that section. That will prevent misinformation from happening.

  1. Days and weeks code

You will see the abbreviations of days’ names on top. They are applied vertically so when you trace one day’s name down, you will know that it is a shift for that day. The week is also coded and applied horizontally so when you trace it to the right side, you will know that you are looking at schedule within certain week.

  1. Colored boxes

The schedule has boxed shaped that is colored. In this example, night shift is colored blue with “N” written on the box. Day shift is colored green with “D” written in the middle. Employee’s day off is colored red with “x”.


Monthly Shift for One Team

The template is designed for a group which showed the shift for every day in a month. It is easier to understand than the previous template.

  1. Week

It shows the week in a month. So you can expect to see four to five sections for every monthly group schedule with this system.

  1. Day of the week

Beside the week column, you will see column that indicates days within each week. Some templates will provide the day and date for more precise information.

  1. Period of shift

Beside the day of the week column, you will see the shift period written. It indicates whether the group has days or night shifts. Usually, in 12 hour shift schedule template, you will see that each day in a week the employee will have similar shift.