Auto Repair Estimate Template

Writing Auto Repair Estimate Templates Properly

Tired of your customers getting confused from your current service price list? Don’t panic. What you need are auto repair estimate templates. Having a template for an auto repair estimate helps both you and your customers. You, as it will help to determine the price, and your customers, as it gives them an insight into the service they can expect.

What Is Estimate?

An estimate is similar to an invoice. It is created upon request by a customer before the payment is made. Unlike an invoice, however, an estimate is created before any actual repair work even begins. Also, as it is ‘only’ estimation, an estimate might not provide the final payment of the service. Here’s how to make a proper estimate.

How to Write Estimate

1.  Choose a Template

First, find some auto repair estimate templates. Pick one that you think suits you the most. Don’t worry. You don’t have to stick with the template’s format. On the contrary, you should customize it so it can help you to gather the right and necessary information you need to do the service.

2.  Check the Car Thoroughly

The next thing to do is to inspect the car. The more thorough the inspection is, the more likely the estimation to be accurate will be. The auto repair estimate templates should be the reference on what kind of information is required.

3.  Gather the Information and Record It

After inspecting the car thoroughly and gathered information, you should record the relevant and required information. If you do this properly, it will be easier to pinpoint what kind of repair the car really needs. The estimate will be more accurate as well.

4.  Analyze the Damage and Calculate the Cost

Based on the inspection, gathered and recorded information, the next step is to analyze and calculate the car’s damage. Use a standard estimation guide that you have. When in doubt, use references and double-check the work.

5.  Provide the Total Estimate

Finally, provide the total estimate. After the analyzing and calculating process is done, you should review the work. Then, provide the total estimate of the necessary repair to your client.  

Since a template for your auto repair estimate is crucial, you should find some auto repair estimate templates and customize them to suit your needs. Be sure to make it clear, not just for you but also for your customers, do the things that we mentioned above, write in details and make the estimate as professional as possible.