Church Budget Template

All About Church Budgeting You must Know

Managing a church is not as easy as it looks. Aside from managing the day-to-day events, you are also required to perform certain budgeting. Budgeting plays important role in the success of your church. Bad budgeting can cause failure. Therefore, in order to avoid it, you must think about several considerations when you make your church budget.

What to Consider before Creating Church Budget

Making this budget can be a bit complicated. There are several steps to be followed and considerations to think about in creating it. To create an excellent budget for your church, you need to consider various things before you put your plan on paper. Here are some of them.

1.  Goals

When you start the budgeting process, you need to think about the goals of your church and, particularly, your budgeting goal. If you haven’t set the budgeting goal, you need to set it at that time. Without this goal, you will not be able to create an effective budget to make your church a success.

2.  Budgeting philosophy

There are three types of church budgeting approaches. They are zero-based budgeting, incremental budgeting, and program budgeting. Different church conditions will require a different approach. Therefore, you need to choose one which is most suitable for your church and stick to it.

3.  Cut expenses

It is a common knowledge that managing a church takes a lot of money. Unfortunately, some of that money is not spent properly. As a result, you should find ways to cut certain expenses which are not important.

The Use of Budgeting Tool

Since making a church budget can be hard work, you need some tool to make it easier. There are various budgeting tools that you can choose to make this budget. Those tools or software are made especially to help churches plan their budget easier.

Those tools do not only help you in the process of creating a budget. It also helps you to track your budget so that you can be sure that everything is under control and stay on track. Usually, this tool will give you alerts when your expenses are out of budget.

Church budgeting tools can be found easily on app stores and various websites. They can be downloaded easily and freely. If you require premium service, you need to pay certain subscription fees. However, before you make this subscription, you must make sure that the budgeting tool you choose is the best tool. 

Church budgeting is very crucial in creating a successful church. Many churches are closed because of bad budgeting and unable to pay debts. That’s why it is important to always have a well-planned church budget and keep it on track.


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