Construction Work Schedule Template

Guide to Use Pre-made Construction Work Schedule

Construction work schedule is a list containing the works that required to be done during the project. It includes various details inside, such as the location, size, specification, and so on. The main substance of the schedule is the works description and the time they need to be started or completed. It is both helpful for the construction client and the contractor, as both partied would be able to be informed about significant works and calculated materials needed.


How to Create Effective Schedule

A delay on construction work schedule is almost unavoidable. While the chance of getting delay is certain, you can minimize it. Here are several tips on creating an effective schedule to lower the negative impact.

  1. Organize the project using work breakdown structure

While the delay that caused by the resources cannot be helped, at least the delay that caused by the team is preventable. Work breakdown structure (WBS) is a system that would make sure it is clear who is the responsible person for each task; the roles can be defined clearly for every activity included.

  1. Set realistic deadline and make it adjustable

To set strict deadline in order to be done on time is probably a temptation both for the client and the construction manager. However, to set unreasonable expectation of it would only result in pressure feelings and hesitancy if the team is not going to be able to meet it.

  1. Integrate float strategy in the system

“Float” or also known as “slack” is the practice used by many contractors in case the delay is necessary, and the project needs to be pushed back. It refers to the idle time provided between the deadline of one task and the start of another, which related and have dependency on one another.

  1. Attach the schedule with the resources

The schedule of each activity would be useless if there were no resources to start working on and complete the task. Taking time to search for alternative materials would only cause more delays and affect the project negatively further. No matter how small or insignificant the resources are, write them down with specific amounts and types details.

  1. Remember to communicate the schedule

Once the schedule is laid out, go communicate it with the working team first, then to your client. The purpose is to find any missing details and gather some inputs and feedbacks regarding the schedule.

What Needs to Be Considered During Schedule Making

These elements below are the necessary considerations to take into your account while making the construction work schedule.

  • Document requirements
  • Environmental impact on large scale construction work
  • Budgeting plan
  • The safety of the construction site
  • Materials logistics
  • Public inconvenience regarding the project
  • Contractor bidding


How to find Downloadable Schedule

It is quite easy to find construction work schedule by browsing the ones available on the internet. Plenty of the templates are also printable so you don’t have to create the schedule manually from scratch. You can also find various format, although it mainly available in Microsoft Word format.