Excel Construction Schedule Template

Excel Construction Schedule Template for Your Guide and Reference

Construction work utilizes a schedule for several purposes. The project manager must know when the work is done. Furthermore, the construction has the resource to be allocated properly. All of them are available on the schedule. For such a purpose, you can rely on the excel construction schedule template.

The template is a file that contains an outline for the construction schedule. Everything you need is in that template. Of course, the file has some variations from the simple layout to a complex format. You just pick one that you need the most.

Examples of Construction Schedule

You can choose an excel construction schedule template that’s capable to support your work. The template is available with various structures. Check the below list for further information.

  • Simple construction sample
  • Residential construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Construction payment
  • Construction work schedule
  • Public construction
  • Apartment construction
  • Weekly and monthly schedule
  • Annual schedule

The simple construction schedule is the basic template for general purpose and work. You can use this one when having a project on your own. Some works involve vast areas, such as residential and commercial ones. The construction manager must use the template that’s specifically designed for them.

Another example is the schedule based on the timeline. Construction needs to calculate and estimate the timeline as accurate as possible. This schedule is mostly for a weekly and monthly basis. In one week, workers must complete certain tasks. This situation is similar to the monthly. The longer work involves yearly or annual one.

Benefits of Excel Construction Schedule Template

You can choose the excel construction schedule template for several reasons. As you know, Excel is a popular spreadsheet software from Microsoft. It is at the top list when people need work related to numbers and tables. The benefits of this template are in the below list.

  1. Ready template

Excel can make a ready template. You need to download the file and then the layout is already in place. After that, you just add the contents.


  1. Editable

The template is editable, not only for its content but also for the label and some configuration. In excel, you can do many editing easily. Some sections might be not suitable for your work. In that case, you just need to get rid of them. After that, add the new one without changing too much on the basic layout.


  1. Number friendly

Another benefit is the number of friendly features that can do many calculations. Simple excel template will do the basic math. You can also apply the logic formula, statistics, etc.

Well from the template, you know what the contents and items should be on the construction schedule. The common one is activities, including instruction and measurement. The schedule provides the list for workers as detail as possible. This list is usually called the work schedule.

The next item is timeline or period related to construction work. Small projects only need a short time period. For the big and vast project, the timeline is necessary to be estimated accurately. Furthermore, this part will be side by side with the resource allocation. The material, tool, money, and the worker must be utilized efficiently.

The construction schedule also includes everything related to money. This is what commonly called as budgeting. You need to estimate money for certain tasks and calculate the entire project. With an excel construction schedule template, this is not a big issue.