Excel Weekly Schedule Template

Excel Weekly Schedule Template to Help You Get the Things Done

For some people, especially the ones who are working for a busy business there are so many things happen in a week that it is hard to keep track of each job. As a result, the past days are gone blur while they are struggling to keep up with the coming ones. Various scale projects, endless meetings, and unexpected things happen, and to organize them based on the urgency and priority is not exactly an easy task. Here is where the Excel weekly schedule template can become a big help if you’re currently facing that problem. By incorporating the template, you can schedule and balance your work life, social life, and personal life properly.


What is the Weekly Schedule?

Excel weekly schedule template is a pre-formatted form that you may use to keep track and plan on all of your activity for the week. It includes things that you have to do and you want to do. You can see which time of the day is free by using the schedule, thus making it easier to plan another activity or making the next appointment in your available time. Basically, it acts as a time-management tool. Inside the template are columns for date, day, time, event list, and place name.


How To Create Schedule Using The Template

There are tons of Excel weekly schedule template samples to choose from, according to your needs and taste. One thing that they all have in common is they contain at least time and event columns. Once you get the template that you’d like to use, follow these steps below to prepare your schedule for the week.

  1. Start with identifying the routines that you have to stick with

You have to determine the general schedule that applies to most, if not all of your weeks. For example, working from 9-5 on Monday through Friday, laundry day, trash day, grocery day, or deep cleaning house day. Then set the day for a meet-up with friends, visiting your parents, and so on.


  1. Break down it to a daily schedule

After you decide which activity goes for which day, you have to determine the exact time. Having the tasks or activities written in detail may help you to actually do them, especially for activities that require a lot of willpower such as cleaning or doing laundry. It is possible to break the day down in the daily schedule or just insert the activities on the weekly schedule.


  1. Provide time for doing nothing

By doing nothing here, it means the activities that add nothing to achieve your goals. Provide the exact time to just waste time like that is important so you don’t spend the whole day doing anything instead. Do not forget to put the time limit for it.

Your work doesn’t stop in getting Excel weekly schedule template and plan for it. The next step, which is to maintain and stick to the schedule, is even tougher. One of the most effective ways to make sure that you maintain it well is to do reviews on your past schedule, cataloging each of your activities, creating priorities, and assessing the activities that help you achieve your main goal.