Exercise Schedule Template

Exercise Schedule Template to Set Up the Effective Workout Program

Starting or getting back into exercise is a great decision for anyone who wants to maintain their health or achieve their body goals. However, keeping it as a habit is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of examples of people falling out of exercising routine because they are not motivated or having enough self-discipline to continue the workout regimen. If you are struggling with finding affordable ways to make yourself stick to exercising, use an exercise schedule template instead of hiring a high-cost professional trainer.


How to Find and Use the Right Exercise Schedule

First of all, before even looking for an exercise schedule template, you need to know the reason and goals behind your exercise. Whether the template would suit your needs, it will depend on various variables such as your age, level in fitness, body goals, or physical issues.

If you find a template that doesn’t fit you or your workout types, then you have to find an alternative schedule until you find an effective one. You need to identify the one that works, and the one that doesn’t by logging your routines and results. Some templates also include dietary logs, in which you should write down about your diet throughout the day. It is very beneficial as what you eat affects your exercise result a lot. By using dietary logs, you may see what changes you need to make regarding your food consumption to reach the maximum results.

How to Create Effective Exercise

The exercise schedule template contains workout set plans to accomplish your goal to be in shape. These guidelines to create an effective exercise plan below would help you avoid poor workout programs that may give you frustration, doubt, or even injuries.

  1. Make the set repetitive, but not forever.

The most important thing to do while building a workout plan is to incorporate repetitions. They are the things that determine and control your gains, developing muscle and looks, for instance sticking to long to 15 repetitions lead to better endurance but thinner muscles. To get optimum strength and power gains, make them a routine just for a few weeks, then change them with other reps.


  1. Create priority in exercising.

Focus on the exercise that includes each muscle in your body. It is better to do heavy workouts such as deadlifts, jerks, snatches, or heavy snatch before doing a workout that’s targeting specific muscle such as bench presses or overhead presses.


  1. Establish a balanced routine.

A good exercising program will always center on symmetry: to ensure that the strength comes proportionately on your body and no part left to be neglected. Build a routine that has balance. For example, for every back exercise, include a chest exercise. Left and right, top and bottom, front and back, they all have to be equal.

Keeping track of your workout routine on log or calendar will help you to build discipline, stay motivated and focused to accomplish your fitness goals. The exercise schedule template allows you to make a plan and check the progress on your workout. It is also convenient to have all the necessary information regarding your exercise inside the schedule.