Infant Feeding Schedule Template

Infant Feeding Schedule for Parents and Daycare Workers

Parents and daycare workers need to know how to make an infant feeding schedule. The infant is very vulnerable, especially when it comes to their feeding times. You cannot feed them too much or do it at random times. Their feeding time must be planned and well-scheduled. For those who are looking for the template to make the feeding schedule for infants, they can get one right here.


What to Note on a Schedule of Infant Feeding?

There are so many important things to write about the infant feeding schedule. For those who have never made the schedule before, make sure that they read the explanations down below. There will be explanations on what to write down on the schedule sheet. It will help everyone to understand more about the baby’s feeding schedule.

  1. Exact Time to Feed the Baby

Infants, especially newborns, have to be fed once every two hours. When they get older, the intervals between each feeding time will be longer and longer. This is why it is very important to mark the exact time to feed the baby on the sheet. It is literally the first thing that people need to write on the sheet.


  1. The Amount of Food to Give

Just like the feeding time, the amount of food to be given to the baby must be noted as well. Whether it is breast milk, formula, or even solid food, there must be a suggested amount of them that has to be given to the baby. The exact information about that has to be written on the sheet as well.


Several Templates and Examples of Infant Feeding Schedule

  1. Feeding Schedule Template by Age

As the infants grow older by age, their feeding time and schedule will change as well. That is why a track on their schedule is needed. They need to be sorted by age. This is exactly what this infant feeding schedule template can do. It has the schedule to match with babies and infants according to their age group.


  1. Feeding Schedule for Daycare

When a baby is left in a daycare, the workers there need to establish the schedule. This is the template that they may need to make sure that the infant left in their care is still well-fed every single day. Here they are to download.


  1. Solid Food Feeding Schedule

Even when a baby is not on breast milk or formula anymore, and they are consuming solid food already, they need a schedule to take care of the frequency of feeding. Use this template over here to do that. They can be used completely for free.


Considering that every baby is precious, you cannot take a risk of feeding them randomly and then letting them get sick. This is why every parent, as well as all workers at daycare and childcare systems, needs to know how to make the infant feeding schedule sheet. The sheet is always needed for them to maintain the good health of the infant.