Lunch Schedule Template

Lunch Schedule Template Sample: Say No to Lose Productivity while You Eat

Many institutions and companies apply lunch schedules for their employees, especially for crucial jobs demanding consistent service like customer service, emergency services, 911 center, security, etc. These kinds of jobs need to make sure about the availability of employee coverage when the break time comes. That is why the usage of the lunch schedule template sample is greatly suggested here.


Why Should Lunch Schedule?

When you were a student, you used to be heard the bell rang at noon as the sign of lunch break and found whole of your school friends came out from classes to enjoy meals. However, as an employee, a lunch break does not have to be at noon. It’s not anymore. Even your lunch break might not always be at the same time day by day. These are the following reasons to use a well-organized lunch schedule template sample.

  • For working environment that needs to maintain productivity consistently during the whole shift, a lunch schedule will provide enough coverage of employee that available to work for the specific duration.
  • Letting the employees take turns in having a lunch break in order to provide an equal right for them.
  • By ensuring each employee’s right to take a break, in turn, a lunch schedule helps to keep their working quality and company’s productivity at once.


Structure of Lunch Schedule

A lunch schedule is pretty simple to make on your own, but referring or using a lunch schedule template sample to make it easier is a good option. The things to be included in a lunch schedule commonly are:

  1. The heading

Put it on the top of the lunch schedule and make sure it has the font, size, and color with good readability for everyone if you want to print it later.


  1. The date and days

Because you cannot keep the same schedule every day, week, or month in order to make it fair between the employees, it is important to write the date of the schedule and do not forget to always update it.


  1. Lunch time

Put the start and end time for lunch break turn of each employee so they can get their break on time.


  1. Name of person/employee

Ensure to input the accurate one and it is suggested to roll the turn between one and another employee in a certain period.


How to Use a Lunch Schedule Template?

Begin with knowing the basic operation of the institution or company, it will lead you to define the working hours and the amount of people needed to accomplish the tasks. You also need to gain information from the employees’ shift schedule before then start to make an arrangement on the lunch schedule.

Do not forget to pick a lunch schedule template sample that suits your needs best. Check the printing quality if you want to attach the schedule paper in your workplace. Working on an online template allows you to update the schedule easily and conveniently, also to set it to be accessible for everyone in the company.