Maintenance Schedule Template

No More Worries with Maintenance Schedule Template

Scheduled maintenance is held to keep a workplace safe and proper to use. It includes cleaning and repairing activities, adjustments, inspections, and planned shutdowns. Instead of time-scheduled, maintenance also may take place at one time when any problems found in an asset. Using the maintenance schedule template allows a good resource allocation effectively and efficiently in terms of cost without affecting any tasks that have to be accomplished in a company.


The Urgency of Regular Maintenance

There is no doubt about the importance of scheduled maintenance since most of all workplaces apply this system. Regular maintenance, whether it is cleaning or repairing, is intended to provide a better working environment for the employees to maintain their productivity. It is also important to ensure the safety of the workplace to avoid any harm.

A maintenance schedule template aims to keep the working continuity by controlling any assets and equipment in good condition to use and well-functioned, also reduce the risk of unwanted equipment malfunctions which might injure the employees.


Get to Know the Use of Maintenance Schedule

It is always important to understand how helpful something for your needs, in this case, a maintenance schedule template. So what are the functions?

  • You can refer to the template as a guide in making a maintenance schedule for your workplace for an easier way to get a better result.
  • A maintenance schedule will possible an easy tracking of the responsible person for a maintenance and the areas for a specific period. In this case, it will be easy to find the person in charge to talk if there is any concern related to the maintenance.
  • It prevents any overlapping or repeated maintenances in which costly and time-wasting.
  • The templates provide instructions for planning a proper maintenance schedule by showing a clear outline and list of maintenance activities, also adding descriptions and reasons for the scheduled maintenance.


Things to put in the Maintenance Schedule

Write the information as detail and clear as possible in the schedule to avoid misunderstandings for everyone who read it. Make sure the maintenance schedule template you are about to use or refer to list these following items within:

  1. The title

Since there is a possibility of more than one kind of schedule in your workplace, giving a clear title of the schedule is being crucial to avoid miss communication.


  1. Time and place of maintenance

Write the date, day, and hour where the maintenance will take place. You also need to specify the maintenance area. Furthermore, provide additional information or a short description about what will be cleaned or repaired.


  1. Person in charge

As mentioned above, including the name of the person who takes a responsibility of the maintenance will be important since there always be a possibility of anyone who needs to contact or talk about anything related to the maintenance.


  1. Maintenance period

Giving an estimation of how long the maintenance will allow the employees to adjust their tasks that need to use the maintenance place or equipment.