Newborn Schedule Templates

8 Newborn Schedule Templates to Download for Free

These 8 newborn schedule templates are going to help parents, especially new parents, to feed and take care of their babies. Having a newborn baby is quite hard. For first-time parents, they may have to rely on a schedule for everything, starting from feeding time to sleeping time. For those who need similar schedule to make, these are the examples as well as the templates for you.

The Importance of Schedule for Newborn Babies

Before jumping to the templates to download, let us find out first the importance of establishing schedule for a newborn baby. Basically these entire 8 newborn schedule templates that you will find down below are going to ease your way in keeping everything up with the baby. These are some of the best reasons why you need the schedule.

  1. Tracking Feeding Times

A newborn baby has to be fed quite frequently. When they are not well-fed, there can be numerous things that can go wrong with their health. That is why the feeding time is like the most important activity for parents to pay attention. With the schedule, no one will miss to feed the baby.

  1. Never Missed Checkups and Vaccinations

Besides feeding, a newborn baby needs to be taken to their pediatrician to get some checkups and vaccinations. This may have to be done until the baby is 12 to 14 months old. Establishing a schedule will prevent parents to miss any appointments with the pediatrician and make sure that the baby will get proper vaccinations as well as checkups.

Examples and Templates of Newborn Schedules

  1. Newborn Baby Feeding Schedule Template

A newborn baby has to be fed once in every two hours. Of course, it will be so hard for parents to keep up, especially for those who have never had a baby before. To help establishing the feeding time and to make everyone aware of when the baby should be fed, use these 8 newborn schedule templates to make the printed schedule.


  1. Newborn Twin Schedule Template

Having a twin baby is not the same as having one baby. Everything will be doubled and more complicated. Use this template to make the schedule for twins. Pin it on the wall or on the door of the fridge so it can be read quite easily.


  1. Newborn Vaccinations Schedule Template

Vaccinations are important for newborn babies. To never miss an appointment to give the baby the vaccinations, use this template over here. It will set out a schedule of when to take the baby to the pediatrician for a shot.


Having a baby is not a simple task. Everything will be quite complicated, even when the activity is as simple as feeding the baby. That is why schedule is very important here. You will have to make sure that if there is a newborn baby at home, a schedule to manage his daily activity should be made and should be used to guide his day-to-day activity. Use the 8 newborn schedule templates above to do it.