Orientation Schedule Template

Orientation Schedule Template to Conduct a Proper Introduction Program

The orientation schedule template is a pre-formatted document to list all of the activities during the new employees’ even or day in a timely manner and order. The program is meant to train the newly hired employees, to make them adjust to the changes in the new business environment because it is simply not enough to just hire and place them in the company. It allows them to develop commitment and workforce, as well as socializing with fellow workers. In short, the orientation program is one of the most important components in the working field.


What is An Orientation?

Orientation is an activity designed to provide information for new hires. It helps them to fit comfortably and work effectively with another co-worker in the organization. The program includes planning on the introduction of new employees to the company, their peers, and their jobs accordingly.

There are usually three basic parts that are conveyed in the orientation schedule template. The information that included is:

  • General information about the work and the daily routine in the company;
  • The history of the company such as when it was founded by whom, the objectives such as what product or services are provided, the company’s goals and how the employees contribute to achieving the common goals;
  • A presentation about work rules, company policies, or employee benefits within the organization.


What Are the Importance of Planning Orientation

Finding the proper orientation schedule template is important to create a good program for newly hired employees. There are two main reasons to include the program in your company which will be explained below.

  1. It makes the new employees feel more ease which beneficial to adjust better and faster to the new work environment. The expectation regarding the job is already explained during the orientation, so they can create better understanding when they started to work.
  2. It creates a favorable impression of the organization. A good impression is important to build a good relationship. A successful orientation program has a long-lasting effect resulting in less turnover or absence. Not only the impression should be created over the organization but also on people involved within, such as the workers, managers, and supervisor.


How to Plan a Proper Orientation Program

Incorporate these following actions to help you plan an effective orientation program for your company:

  1. Start by covering important matters first. Getting to know about their job and the specific information about the company in detail must be prioritized over anything else.
  2. Let the new hires interact and spend quality time with other members, as well as the staff within the company. It is especially important to allow them to know about the worker that will work close and often with them.
  3. Create a digestible program so they keep being interested. Covering technical matters such as procedures, policies, duties, and responsibility is a must but try interjecting break and introduction in between.
  4. Have experienced employee to serve as a mentor in the buddy system. It has a positive effect on new hires to feel more welcomed.

In case you are using a downloadable orientation schedule template, do not forget to adjust the activity list according to the needs of your organization. These tips above will help you establish a suitable schedule to welcome the new employees.