PowerPoint Schedule Template

Utilizing PowerPoint Schedule Template for a Successful Presentation

Scheduling becomes an important part of organizing life, whatever your profession and wherever you are. The schedule template is a very efficient tool to use in this modern era; moreover, it is free and easy to be used. Besides in Microsoft Word and Excel format, the schedule template also available in PowerPoint format. It is consisted of amazing slide designs and timeline templates, and also completed with effective chart tools to succeed in your presentation. Here are some kinds of PowerPoint schedule templates that you can find online and download them for free!


The Examples of PowerPoint Schedule Template

  1. Weekly PowerPoint Calendar Template

This PowerPoint schedule template provides a simple blank calendar to plan weekly activities, including numerous various slide layouts for weekly planning whether for weekdays or weekends. It is so a multi-purpose blank template so you can freely edit and adjust it to your needs.

  1. Chore Chart PowerPoint Template

A chore chart has a special function to help you in tracking and organizing house works. Even parents use this one to post everyday routine tasks (chores) for their children at home, so do teachers for their students in school to list the assignments that must be submitted on schedule.

  1. Project Plan PowerPoint Template

If you need to do presentations related to project management, this one will be a good solution for you since it contains editable multiple designs of slides that may boost your performance effectiveness.

  1. Process Flow Diagram PowerPoint Template

It helps you to make an astonishing diagram of process flow in PowerPoint by providing numerous shapes in many colors and creative lines.

  1. Time Management PowerPoint Template

Use this for presentations related to GTD (Get Things Done), efficiency, quality assurance, time management, lean manufacturing, etc.

  1. Time Management PowerPoint Template (16:9)

This version of the time management PowerPoint schedule template helps you in making a widescreen presentation.

  1. Calendar Pages PowerPoint Template

The slide design of this simple Microsoft powerpoint template includes a calendar to facilitate you in the input data as well as adding your agenda into it that may be very useful to support your important presentation. Besides, you can use this template to schedule meetings too since the date on the calendar page is editable as your desire.

  1. 3D Timeline PowerPoint Template

This free 3D timeline template works well to make your business presentation looks awesome. It has 3D shapes with a nice perspective that you can use for making schedules or timelines.


Timeline PowerPoint Template

Having a simple and modern design of a timeline that consisted of various shapes and tables, this template will make your presentation works effectively. Simply drag the shapes into the table of tasks and month name to edit it.

Lastly, it is also important to pay attention to choosing the right PowerPoint schedule template. Here are some useful tips for you!

  • Know your need before choosing the template so you can get the right features to support what you need.
  • Make sure that the template you downloaded is compatible with the version of Microsoft PowerPoint that you have.
  • Customizing the templates may be so fun and colorful, but do not do it too much until making the template more complicated than it has to be.


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