Printable Schedule Template

Printable Schedule Template for Many Purposes

The schedule has a major aspect of human life. You cannot just do the things without knowing what the result will be achieved and when the tasks are done. This is when you must have a printable schedule template. All activities are listed in the schedule, including resources, timeline, support, and extra section.


Examples of Printable Schedule Template

The next section gives some templates you can use for the schedule. You may already have your own but the template has several benefits. It is adjusted to the latest situation. As you know, life changes every day and you must adapt it properly. The new schedule is created to fulfill that situation. The below list provides a printable schedule template you can choose properly.

  • Daily schedule
  • Personal schedule
  • Work schedule
  • Kid schedule
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Appointment schedule
  • Weekly schedule
  • Monthly schedule
  • Appointment schedule
  • Business schedule
  • College schedule

From the list above, you see many schedule templates. Each is created for a certain purpose. For example, if you are a worker, the employer will give a schedule which contains the things you must do. Another schedule is for kids or children related to the preschool period. Parents should prepare this one carefully.

Well, a simple schedule uses a daily basis that you implement only for one day. There are many tasks to be done and you need to separate them into different lists. For one day, you only do the priority list and the rest of the schedule is fulfilled if you have enough time.


Preparing Printable Schedule

You can prepare your template for the schedule but you still need to know a few important things. The printable schedule template contains some aspects that you should prepare.

  1. Type of schedule

The first step is the type of schedule you will create. As mentioned above, tons of templates are available for different purposes. You should choose one that’s capable to fulfill your preference. You can make a schedule for work, school, family, household, finance, meeting, cleaning, event, project, and anything.


  1. List of activities

The key content in the schedule is the list of activities or tasks. In this part, you can prepare a priority list and write it into the schedule. Check again if the list is enough to represent the importance.


  1. Time frame

You can decide starting time, duration, and finishing time on each activity. The time frame is necessary for every schedule. In this part, you can analyze whether the duration is enough for one activity or not. Add or reduce the duration according to your calculation.


  1. Commitment

The schedule is useful without people to follow. This is the reason why you must know what kind of people or people who implement the schedule. If the schedule is for work, you can consider employees and tasks.


  1. Review and analysis

After all steps, the last part is review including the analysis from the entire schedule. Add an extra section for something that might happen unexpectedly. 

The template is the only tool to fulfill your needs. Users can take the important tasks to do editing and adjusting with real situations. As you know, the printed schedule is the old method but still reliable to spread the information. Of course, the template already has layout and size for printed-paper. That’s what you should consider about the printable schedule template.


File File size Downloads
Shift-Work 104 KB 261
Contractor-Payment1 101 KB 272
Employee-Work4 83 KB 247
Bill-Payment3 74 KB 274
Monthly-Work 64 KB 264
Preschool-Daily1 53 KB 300
Kitchen-Cleaning 51 KB 257
Baby-Daycare 36 KB 277
Weekly-Task 33 KB 273
Weekly-Work3 28 KB 287
Daily-Cleaning 28 KB 264
Office-Cleaning 21 KB 261
Weekly-Class1 20 KB 287
Blank-College 19 KB 269
Daily-Meeting4 10 KB 266
Project-Management4 10 KB 263
College-Class1 8 KB 402
Job-Interview4 7 KB 273
Project-Implementation 619 KB 631
Loan-Payment4 609 KB 284
Employee-Shift2 501 KB 277
Interview-Appointment1 279 KB 283
Weekly-College 212 KB 293
Board-Meeting1 198 KB 268
Monthly-Meeting1 159 KB 266
Daily-School2 128 KB 254
Baby-Shower 127 KB 251