Project Activity Schedule Template

Project Activity Schedule Template as a Tool for Effective Planning and Management

The project activity schedule template is the perfect pre-made form to use if you want to plan and execute your activities during the project efficiently. You may also list the team or people involved in it inside the template, and share it with them after to get everyone on the same page of understanding. All these elements are required to accomplish the project’s goals and its various objectives. The schedule also helps you to create an outline for the activities that need to be done.


Project Scheduling Definition

Making a schedule means to list any activity, resources, and milestones during the project. The project activity schedule template is usually created from the start to finish dates, including the duration, and provide space to write the needed resources. It is critical to creating effective scheduling because it will impact the time management and the success of the project.

There are six steps regarding the management process that typically used to build an effective schedule:

  • Planning the schedule management
  • Determining activity during the project
  • Making sequence of the activities
  • Estimating resources
  • Calculating the duration
  • Developing the schedule


Things You Need to Easily Schedule Your Project

A project activity schedule template is a convenient tool to use during planning. However, there are some essential things that you need to create a successful project. Here are the things that would help you to create efficient scheduling:

  1. Well defined tasks and their dependencies

As the project manager and schedule planner, you need to define the tasks during the project. It is important to refrain from confusion about the activity’s deadline or goal achievement. You also have to identify the dependencies amongst the task, to determine the order of each performance and prioritize them based on the importance.


  1. Identifiable resources

The resource is a critical component of the project. To create an efficient resource planning, you have to consider about its availability, priority, capacity, and cost. The planning would make it visible for the person in charge to execute the task. It boasts quality works as well.


  1. The time estimation for the project

Time management is another important component during the project schedule because it can make or break the project. The most common mistake people made is to underestimate the duration needed for each task, so the responsible person would rush into finishing it and creating poor quality works.


The Use of Project Scheduling

Project scheduling is used before, during, and after the project. Not only the project activity schedule template can be used for school or neighborhood level of a project but also the large-scale ones such as infrastructure construction, engineering, sports, cultural events and many more. If you needed to get a detailed plan on complex projects, you can use sub-schedules. Both are used to estimate and anticipate the work, resources, and time needed. Most templates have flexible quality, meaning it provides room for changes that may happen during the life of the project. There is also a sample of schedules that you may check as a guide to create your own.