Restaurant Cleaning Schedule Template

Set Your Restaurant in Health Standard with Restaurant Cleaning Schedule Template

Considering the Public Health and Safety Authorities (PHSA) that regularly held inspections, it is very important to keep a restaurant clean. Most of the restaurant customers complain of dirty tables, utensils, and restaurant’s restroom rather than complaining about the service. If you are a restaurant owner or working in a restaurant, having a comprehensive restaurant cleaning schedule is being crucial. You need to make one or refer to a restaurant cleaning schedule template to keep your restaurant in a consistent standard that meets the requirements of PHSA.


The Benefits of Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Do you know that a clean restaurant is not just about a nice look and comfortable thingy? It also may increase your savings. Here are some benefits you can get if you can constantly keep the restaurant clean and knowing them will make you sure to utilize a restaurant cleaning schedule template!

  1. Customers who love clean and good food will come back to your restaurant which means more profit.
  2. A clean place will be a comfortable place to work for the staff and safe for the customers.
  3. A clean restaurant is a pleasant place for people to bring family and friends.
  4. Reduce the contamination and make lower expenses for pest control.
  5. Reducing restaurant wastages from the front and the kitchen.
  6. Proper equipment cleaning might extend the equipment’s life.
  7. Avoid fines from authorities related to the cleanliness and health of the restaurant.


Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Every restaurant has a different cleaning system since they have different decorations, furniture, and equipment. However, in general, a good restaurant cleaning schedule template divides cleaning tasks based on the kitchen area. Each area contains a list of specified tasks as the example follows:

  1. Front of restaurant
  • Sweep and mop the floor (use a clean mop and the right detergent to remove the grease and other dirt)
  • Vacuum carpets (including cleaning food and drink spillages, also stains can be removed by using chemical or hot water extraction)
  • Clean entrance area (it is important for the customer’s first impression)
  • Wipe down windows and mirrors
  • Clean the table and counter surfaces (use microfiber cloth)
  • Empty trash bins (checking every hour is recommended)
  • Wipe blinds and change curtains regularly
  • Clean and sanitize the toilets, etc.


  1. Kitchen
  • Wipe down the fryer, grill, range, and flattop between cooking. Also, check underneath them
  • Wipe down the preparation area (use disinfectant).
  • Clean the whole working spaces (sweep, mop, and sanitize)
  • Clean the refrigerator, meat drawer, ice machines, etc.
  • Wash the kitchen equipment
  • Clean the staff toilet
  • Check the fire system frequently, etc.


Who does the Cleaning?

For a small restaurant, save your money by utilizing the restaurant cleaning schedule template. Make sure to manage each staff to be responsible for cleaning tasks based on their work specification and clarify the duties they need to do so it will be easier to control the cleaning. You can employ professional cleaning workers annually to do deep steam cleaning to maintain the restaurant in PHSA’s standard.