Schedule Template Excel

Schedule Template Excel for Business and Some Examples

The business has a strict schedule that employees must follow. Failed to accomplish certain work can affect the business process. As a manager, you have a responsibility to prepare a proper schedule. This is where you consider having a schedule template excel. As you know, Excel has been the top choice that has many features for creating a schedule.

Using a template has several advantages to prepare the schedule. You only edit a few labels and items. The rest of the layout will be fixed which is mostly already adjusted with the print setting. On the other side, you can add and change the template with your style without disturbing the layout integrity. One common reason is the template can shorten the time when you need a quick and reliable schedule at the moment.


Examples of Schedule Template Excel

The schedule template excels for business has many examples. A small company has few departments and employees, but it is still complex enough when having a schedule. Moreover, the big organization and company will need more than a simple schedule. Each department and project has a different template for scheduling. Check the list below for more explanation.


  1. Daily schedule

The daily schedule is a common template you always find at the office. It contains a list of tasks and a timeline that employees must do for one day. Usually, this schedule is common in the factory during the production session.


  1. Work schedule

The work schedule is still a general term but focuses on something that employees must finish. For example, you have job descriptions and tasks from a manager that should be completed on a certain date. The schedule consists of personal, team, and general. For personal, you have your schedule that comes from the HR department.


  1. Project schedule

The company has a project that requires a schedule to make sure all works are done on time. Even though you only sit and work behind a desk, the projects still need your involvement. One schedule is only for one project. The manager will handle work distribution, time allocation, and contingency plans.


  1. Interview schedule

The recruitment process takes time and effort until the best candidate is selected. For this process, the HR department creates an interview schedule. Each candidate has his own time to introduce and show their capability.


More List of Schedule Template

You may also consider having other templates for the work schedule. More examples of schedule template excel are listed in the following section.

  1. Audit schedule

The audit schedule contains tasks and time for the auditing process. Teams must review, checking, and do jobs to find what they expect.


  1. Payment schedule

When discussing the work schedule, you cannot forget about payment. The company has a payment schedule that manages salary and bonuses.

The schedules above mostly use Excel as a file type. You can have a free template that’s capable to fulfill your preference. Usually, the company already has a template as a part of the system. It does not mean you cannot improve the existing schedule. Many free templates are better than the paid version.

Before downloading the template, make sure you prepare the items or list of tasks that will be in the schedule. The template is just a tool to support your work. That’s what you should know about schedule template excel.


File File size Downloads
Weekly-Training1 12 KB 361
Project-Tracking 10 KB 313
Project-Plan 9 KB 328
Training-Plan1 8 KB 306
House-Cleaning1 7 KB 330
Work-Plan 6 KB 315
Daily-Maintenance 6 KB 324
Annual-Training 6 KB 300
Construction-Contract-Payment 6 KB 288
Building-Maintenance 6 KB 319
Baby-Feeding2 5 KB 299
Employee-Shift1 4 KB 284
Yearly-Training-Plan 4 KB 307
Training-Session 3 KB 303
Office-Cleaning1 3 KB 283
Interview-Time 3 KB 295
Internal-Audit1 3 KB 373
Daily-Cleaning1 3 KB 315
Project-Work 3 KB 299
Employee-Training2 3 KB 296
Work-Shift 280 KB 322
Baby-Meal 259 KB 308
Employee-Work3 66 KB 311
Weekly-Calendar 19 KB 317
Weekly-Work2 17 KB 307
Equipment-Maintenance 14 KB 303