Training Schedule Template

Training Schedule Template Samples and How to Create One

Organizing training needs proper planning because there are so many things that you should consider. You need to match everyone’s availability, make sure that the knowledge and skills you want to transfer to the trainee are included in the program, and arrange logistics. It would be better if you have a certain training schedule template to follow. Let’s get to know two template samples and how you can make them.


Club Schedule Template

An example that would be discussed first would be club schedule training. This template would be particularly used in a school or college setting where there are many clubs available. You would use such a schedule to arrange training for club members so that they can improve certain knowledge and skills important to be the club’s membership.

This training schedule template is designed to encompass one semester. As an example, if the club has weekly met up, then on the period’s column you would need to write Week 1, Week 2, and so forth. In the next column, you then write down the skills and knowledge that you want to achieve by the end of the meeting. There is a note to write down things that happen within that training day.


Employee Training Template

In organizations or companies, training is also done once in a while to improve the employees’ skills. The schedule for company training is more jam-packed than school clubs because the company does not want to waste time when they are supposed to make money. The training is usually arranged within a certain period thus the training schedule template must be able to accommodate that.

The timestamp for the company’s training should be written in more detail than the club’s. For each period, there will be an explanation of activities done as well as the objective. The name of the trainer might also be included in the schedule.


How to Create a Template for Training?

Here are the steps to create a schedule for training.

  1. Plan the outline of your schedule

The first thing that you should do is planning an outline for the template. Your schedule should be understood by anyone who reads it. Thus, simplicity is pretty important. It is also advised against adding too much text to your schedule since it should be understood in one go.

  1. Write down the heading

After the outline has been planned, you can finally write down the heading for your schedule. It includes the title and other important aspects of the training such as the period when it is held and where it is going to be held. You can also write down the main objective of the training. It might be important to write who is responsible for it.

  1. Establish a table

The next step is to create a table (based on your planned outline) that will encompass information related to the training. It is important to make the table as concise as possible.

  1. Include important details

You should include important details necessary in the training schedule template. Details such as date, time, location, and training content should at least be included in the table.