Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

General Guide to Regular Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

The vehicle maintenance schedule template is a pre-made log that is used to record, monitor, and keep track of your vehicle’s upkeep and repairs. The template contains several columns including service date, auto service information, as well as the cost of it. The record log may be used by various types of vehicles, including SUV, MPV, crossover, sedan, hatchback, coupe, truck, or motorcycle. Using the form can make the auto maintenance works easier, as you can print the log and bring it to the service so the mechanic would know what your vehicle needs.


How to Keep the Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Any vehicle needs regular maintenance to perform better and longer. Sticking to use vehicle maintenance schedule template will benefit you in the long run, especially if you’re planning to sell it because the value would be improved if the vehicle is kept in optimum condition. Here are several tips to use to get a grip on keeping the record.

  1. Input all the essential and necessary details of your vehicle on the schedule.

On top of the template, write down important things such as the model, year, or engine. You can also attach the details about the car or motorbike’s identification number, insurance policy, and so on.


  1. Keep track of the date when you fill your tank

It is also better to log the number of gallons that you filled. Check the auto mileage regularly every time the tank is refilled.


  1. Create a note of the services or maintenances that are performed

Record the date every time your vehicle got an oil change and the oil types, when the ail filter is changed, and when the brakes are getting checked.


  1. Keep in mind to write all the details

Write the inspected condition by you or the mechanic and register the necessary details, such as the tire condition or type, the mileage, and many more.


  1. Make particular notes in case there’s an accident

Include all the details of the service if you’ve ever involved in the accident on the schedule. List the damages, parts that are replaced, and the repair costs.


What to Include In the Maintenance Schedule

The vehicle doesn’t need to be checked as frequently as a human’s health. Here are the vehicle maintenance schedule template components that you’ll see on the internet or you can add on your own.

  1. Lubrication oil and filter

Checked and changed once every three months or 5,000 km.


  1. Cooling system
  • Checked once every six months
  • Changed once every year.


  1. Tires rotation
  • Checked every time you do oil changes
  • Changed every 10,000 km


  1. Brakes inspection

Checked once every 15,000 km


  1. Transmission service

Done every 100,000 km


  1. AC inspection

Checked once a year

It is possible to get the vehicle maintenance schedule template for free online or from the professional recommended schedule. You can also download the form and modify it with your chosen mechanic according to the needs of your vehicle.