Visitation Schedule Template

Visitation Schedule Template to Set Up Timesharing between Parents and Children

Visitation schedule template is a form of a regular schedule for the parents to have parenting time with their children. Being a parent is hard enough on its own, let alone after going through the process of divorce where some are controlling and navigating the whole parenting thing. The majority of divorced parents still want to be involved in children’s lives as much as possible. However, the possibility of it might be restricted and limited by custody arrangements or other reasons. The template contains the visitation and custody cycle that intended to benefit each party involved.


Basic Visitation Schedule Components

The goal of incorporating the visitation schedule template is to make the routine scheduling process easier for each parent to spend time with their children. Here are three standard components that should be included in the template.

  1. Residential schedule

This schedule is used to manage and organize the time when the children will be taken care of which parent under their respective homes. This visitation plan typically set in repeating cycles, to provide a stable structure for the child. During the residential schedule time, the child should be able to have contact with both parents frequently. In case both parents live so far from each other, the schedule can be set for a long-distance purpose.


  1. Holiday schedule

The children need to spend a balanced amount with each parent for special occasions such as holidays. Check the holiday list in the following to know about what to include in the schedule.

  • Christmas’ Eve and Day
  • New Year’s Eve and Day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Children’s birthday
  • Parents’ birthdays
  • Independence Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Veteran Day
  • Labor Day
  • President’s Day
  • Martin Luther King’s Day


  1. Vacation Schedule

The vacation visitation schedule set the additional time for the parents to be with their children during the school breaks, such as summer vacation, winter break, or spring break.


Consideration in Creating Visitation Schedule

The visitation agreement is usually made by the court by prioritizing the child’s best interests first. Only after the agreement is settled you can search for the suitable visitation schedule template.


There are other consideration factors in determining the schedule, which is listed in the following.

  • The child’s age and overall well-being condition.
  • The child’s living preference if they are old enough.
  • The parents’ work or employment history.
  • The parents’ living locations.
  • The parents’ daily schedules.

If there is no serious issue such as violence or abuse, it is preferable that both parents are actively participating in the children’s lives. However, if there is such a serious and severe issue, then the visitation might be supervised or restricted.


Visitation Schedule Agreement

The agreement is the shared goal between both parties regarding the visitation schedule. Try to find for visitation schedule template that contains sections for the parents’ rights, responsibilities, and duties. Basic visitation agreement usually will contain information about the detailed schedule on visitation, the main residence for the children, instruction for modification, geographic restrictions, and list of activities.