Volunteer Schedule Template

Volunteer Schedule Template for Managing Volunteer Activities

Does your organization accept volunteers? If yes, you may understand how hard it is to arrange the volunteers and their activities. Sure, these people may provide immense help but without proper organizing, your day to day operation might turn chaotic instead. You need to prepare a volunteer schedule template to anticipate such an issue. Do you want to learn more about this?


What is Schedule for Volunteer?

Schedule designed for volunteer activity aims to manage the in and out of volunteer to your organization. This way, you can track how often each volunteer participates in the organization’s activity and when they tend to come. Also, you are also able to record the activities that they do while visiting.

There are several benefits of having a volunteer schedule template on hand.

  1. Noticing a valuable volunteer

By having a schedule for a volunteer, you will be able to notice volunteer who is valuable for your organization. It is done by looking at your schedule and finding someone who pays visits regularly and does the actual job to help you. From this data, you can provide a token of appreciation for this loyal volunteer. You might be interested in offering the person a real position within your organization.

  1. Managing volunteer activity better

Another thing that you can gain from scheduling volunteer activity is managing your volunteers and their activities. There are days when many volunteers come at once, while in other days there is hardly one at all. Thus, you can create a schedule to ensure that there is someone around every single day.

  1. Knowing the future direction for volunteering activities

By reading through the descriptions of activities done by your volunteers, you may know the future direction to take. If you think a certain activity has been done too frequently, maybe you can change things a little bit. That will prevent your volunteers from getting bored as well as ensuring that your organization moves forward.


Simple Blank Template

The simple blank volunteer schedule template is going to be filled by a volunteer. There is a header on top which indicates the name of the organization volunteers are volunteering at. The person who is in charge of volunteering activity also writes their name down on the header. It would be better if the contact information of that person is also included.

There is a table divided into five separate columns. The first column is four numberings. After that, you can find a column to write down the date. The name of a volunteer is written in the next column. Details on the time volunteer visit the place should be written in the column. Then, there is a column to write down activities done by the volunteers.


Detailed Template

For a more detailed volunteer schedule template, you can take a look at the schedule sheet for one volunteer. It has a column for dates, times, and activities. Some organizations may already write down activities that volunteer must do. Thus, volunteer only needs to tick off activity that they have completed. It is quite easy to follow.