24 Hour Schedule Template

24 Hour Schedule for Various Purposes

Scheduling a day is considered important by many people. It prevents you from doing counterproductive activities. You will likely to be able to achieve your targets in a day if you schedule it. There are several templates of 24 hour schedule that would be discussed in the following part. They are created for various purposes, not only for serious activities but also for simple daily activities. Let’s take a look at the examples.


Weekly Schedules for Meeting

For high in demand professional, planning every day within the week is important. Some people even planning their year ahead so that they will have everything organized. This template is perfect for those who want to arrange meeting within their busy schedules.

  1. Column for days

In the weekly schedule you must specify the day and date in columns. Thus, you will not miss any important meeting that you will need to do that day.

  1. Hours

In your 24 hour schedule, you should write down each hour in the day in detail: from 12 a.m. 12 a.m. again. In some schedules, you will see several sections for each hour in the day. It means that there are divisions for that hour. Five divisions mean that the hour is divided into 12 minutes increments.

  1. Blank space

The blank space is used to write down whom you are going to meet. It will be better if you can manage to write the agenda for your meeting since it makes the meeting more efficient.

Medical Care Schedule

As patient care taker, you may have to follow 24 hour schedule in order to promote speedy recovery for your patient. There are several components that you may need to have in your schedule template. This example is for weekly medical care schedule.

  • Detail of hours, days, and dates so that you will not miss any important detail.
  • Schedule for medicine intake on specific hour of the day.
  • Schedule for meals and menu for specific hour of the day. It should also include snacks and drinks that your patient need to consume.
  • Schedule for therapy or exercises that your patient needs on specific hour of the day.
  • Bath time and other self-care schedules for specific hour.


Daily Schedule

Do you want to be someone who is more organized in their life? You should start planning your schedule in detail. This will help you achieve certain goals that you have a hard time achieving with buoyant and carefree life. Here are some components of the daily schedule.

  1. Goals that you want to achieve within the day

You should specify goals that you want to achieve in that day. Instead of having a vague goal, you should write down something more detailed and specific. It would be better if the result can be seen clearly.

  1. Notes about events that happen within the day

You can treat this schedule as diary by writing down some events that happen to you within that day. It will become a nice note and probably giving you more ideas about what to do in the future.

  1. Things that you do within the day

Just as the name suggests, 24 hour schedule must have list of things that you do in the day on hourly basis. You do not need to write them all, only things that are related to your goals in that day that needs to be written.