Blank School Schedule Template

Be Organized with Blank School Schedule

Children and teenagers as students need to manage their things and activity to prepare themselves as responsible and independent adults in the future. Keeping things being organized will bring positive mindset and manner that will succeed them. If you are a student, setting school schedule will be easier by using blank school schedule. Make it by yourself using applications or just download the templates and put all of your creativity to make scheduling your school activity fun!


Is It School Schedule Important?

Making a school schedule is not just taking notes of all of the school subject schedule and school activities. A blank school schedule indirectly will help you to succeed in study by controlling to carefully watch your school routines, to manage time, and to reach your study goals.


What School Schedules Do You Need?

Here are some kinds of blank school schedule idea you can try to make!

  1. Monthly school schedule

List the school events or activities in a month here. If you are active to join championships as a student or external education events, you may include them to this schedule.

  1. Weekly school schedule

This schedule includes all of the school subjects in a week. The items you have to input are time (it will be depended on your school’s study hours), days, and the school subjects. Simple isn’t, it?

  1. Daily school schedule

This is the more detailed version of the previous weekly schedule. It is possible to add things to do in a day, places to go, or add some important notes.

  1. 12 hours daily schedule

Do you love details? This schedule might be another version of a diary. Include all of the activities during active hours from 6 AM until 5 PM. Add notes to keep important events or things you need to do.

  1. 8 hours daily schedule

For shorter active school hours, this schedule will suit better. Put all the activities during 8 AM until 3 PM.

  1. School rehearsal schedule

Useful when your school is having a rehearsal to organize all of the groups, what class they come from, what they will perform, and when their turn will come (in date and time).

  1. Class cleaning schedule

Cleaning classroom is an obligation for some students mostly in Asian schools, so what items to include in the school cleaning schedule?

  • Basic information like the school name, class, and person in charge or captain of the class’ name.
  • The students name list in each active cleaning days.
  • Detailed cleaning activities, for example: sweeping the floor, cleaning shelves and cabinets, cleaning desks and chairs, erasing the board, emptying baskets, locking the windows and doors, turning off the lights, etc.

Blank School Schedule Formats

If you don’t have time to create your own schedule format, blank schools schedules are commonly downloadable and editable in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PDF formats. They are printable in A4 size that fits best to be attached on your desk or to keep inside your note books. Adding colorful fonts and pictures might be a choice to make the school schedule more fun.