Blank Work Schedule Template

Saving Time and Energy with Blank Work Schedule Template

As an important part of any works and business, work schedules are useful to make sure that all your needs are covered. Creating a work schedule manually with paper and pencils is too old and waste so much energy. You may prefer to use blank work schedule template to manage everything from simple tasks to the complex one.


Why Using the Templates?

It is the most basic principle in business and economy, spend least to get more. The most highlighted reason of using a blank work schedule template in your work place is saving time and energy to increase working productivity since it possible you to input the data and make changes easier.


Schedule Templates to Help You at Work

Find and download these blank work schedule templates then adjust them to support your work!

  1. Employee work schedule template

It shows weekly working shifts of the employees. Adjust it by putting the employee names and ID, work days, and shifts (you are allowed to specify into the shifts available in your work place, for example day and night shift). Based on your data, this template in Excel format can also calculate the paid hours and labor costs.

  1. Work training schedule template

Use this one if your company is having employee training schedule. It is available in daily, weekly, and monthly period.

  1. Bi-weekly work schedule template

This template helps to plan all of the work schedules for two full weeks. Each day schedule is detailed from 7 AM to 6 PM. You can adjust the date and time intervals.

  1. Weekly work schedule template

The items included here are employee names, assignments, days, and total working hours. Specify what department this schedule is for. You can also choose the work day interval that suits your work place best, for example: Mon-Sat weekly work schedule, Sun-Sat weekly work schedule, and Mon-Sun weekly work schedule.

  1. 5-day work schedule template

Use this if you feel only need the weekday schedule. It shows the working hours in which each hour is divided into 15 minutes intervals to organize the assignments in detail.

  1. Employee shift schedule template

It shows daily shifts of each employee by listing the hours, assignments, and work areas in a simple format that easily understandable.

  1. Work rotation schedule

Planning and keeping work rotation to be stay organized is pretty hard to do. This template will help to make it easier by giving a clear annual view by showing the weekly schedule in each month.

How to Use Them?

After downloading the blank work schedule template that you need, it is time customize it to fit your need. Simply click on the cell to input your data and it will allow you to make any changes and updates if you work online or in Google Docs format. If you feel it is all settled exactly, print the templates in the recommended paper size to avoid it being cut (it will be fatal if you lose the data and your workmates do not realize it). Save it as in PDF format instead if you want to mail the schedule to your team to reduce the data size.