Blank Workout Schedule Template

Blank Workout Schedule Template to Make Your Workouts Really Work

Workouts are not just for athletes and bodybuilders. Workout is for everyone, but not everyone can keep it as routine and track of each workout they have done unless they have a workout schedule. Getting a blank workout schedule template is greatly useful if you are into workout and fitness sessions, also want to set yourself in schedule in order not to skip or miss anything as a form of self-commitment.

Workout Template Types

Commonly, there are three types of blank workout schedule templates:

  1. Circuit workouts

The workouts here are group of exercises in certain rounds. For example: You set a simple circuit workout consisted of 30 sit-ups, followed by 30 jumps, and then 3 minutes of running in place (repeat all three times).

  1. Regular workouts

It is consisted of all the workouts you want to do by providing the number of set that must be completed before the other upcoming sets.

  1. Interval workouts

This template includes various exercises and requires you to work on it in a continuous interval time so there is no need to create different separated workout schedule.

Filling the Workout Template

Note that it is better to fill the blank workout schedule template as simple as possible and try to keep it organized well. How to fill the workout schedule effectively? You may consider these following suggestions:

  1. Be easy and quick in filling the schedule

Don’t take too much time to create and put too much on your schedule that may end it up to be complicated because it might put you in confusion.

  1. Fill the schedule with important and useful things

Make sure to add essential information on what you have completed so it will be easier to track the workout progress. It will also affect the next workout decision making.

  1. Be versatile in filling the schedule

Write the date and body weight at the first time you do the workout. Decide the exercise, set them as daily routine, and take notes on every exercise. For example: how many sets you have done, how much weights you lift, etc.

Advantages of Using Workout Template

Using a blank workout schedule template keep you to be discipline. It guides to stay motivated to the workout goals and even helps to achieve them better. Moreover, you can get these benefits:

  • Ability to set better goals

You are allowed to set better goals, but keep them realistic so your targets will not turn back resulting damages. Set realistic goals based on your workout progress.

  • Being honest

A workout schedule is functioned like forcing to follow and finish whatever you have entered to the list. Complete your own workout schedule honestly.

  • Finding pattern

By tracking the workout progress through workout schedule, you will find your workout patterns to maximize and minimize the workout based on your physical state.

  • Ability to express feelings

Adding notes to the workout schedule allows you to express feelings, for example writing the mood on workout today or writing events affecting your workout.