Business Budget Template

Easy to Customize Business Budget Templates

Are you planning to start your own business? Starting a business takes a lot of preparation. One of them is planning a budget which is also a part of your business plan. A business budget is different from your personal budget. That’s why you need a certain format to make it. If you don’t have much time to create this format, you can use a business budget template.

Reasons to Have a Business Budget

Some small business owners think that a business budget is not that important because their business is small and home-based. They consider that a simple budget that looks like a personal budget is sufficient enough for it. However, it is not true. when you are starting a business, even a small one, you need to have a business budget for several reasons.

1.  It is required to get loans

If you don’t have enough capital to finance your business, you can consider applying for business loans from banks or other financial institutions. To obtain those loans, you need to provide the bank with the required documents, one of them is a business budget.

2.  It is needed to seek equity funding

Obtaining a business loan is not the only way to finance your business. You can also seek equity funding from investors in order to finance it. However, you will also need to prepare a business budget to do it.

3.  It helps you make a business decision

Making a business decision is something that must be done with care. And you can use a business budget as a decision-making tool. From this budget, you know the performance of your business based on revenues and expenditures so that you know what to do to improve it.

What Must be Included on a Business Budget

If it is your first time creating a business budget, it is possible that you have no idea what must be included on it. However, you don’t need to worry much. With a business budget template, you will get some hints about it. Basically, this budget must include your business’s costs, revenues, and, of course, profits.

Moreover, a business budget template is also equipped with a budget column, actual column, and difference column. Therefore, you will be able to track your budget easily. If you have this template, you won’t need to create a business budget format from scratch since you only need to customize it. 

Using this template will allow you to save time in planning your business budget. To get the best business budget, choose the best template and be realistic in planning it.