Cleaning Log Templates

Cleaning Log Templates and the Main Components

You have responsibility to do cleaning. In fact, cleaning is your business and everything must be treated as professional jobs. For such purpose, you need cleaning log templates. The log is related to document which people use to monitor and review all tasks.

Before cleaning the things or places, you should have planner and schedule. Each of them contains the items or activity related to cleaning process. After one task is done, you can report it in the document. This kind of document contains information that stated you already do your job.

Preparing the Cleaning Log

Preparing the cleaning log is not difficult. Usually, this kind of job is mostly repetitive that you do in the same ways. For regular clients, you already know what to do. On the other hand, the situation may be different if they request specific cleaning. Below list explains what you must know while preparing cleaning log templates.

  1. Log title

Log title is at header that contains information about the company, cleaning title, date, address, and contact information.

  1. List of task and instruction

The log uses tables to enlist all tasks. After that, the additional files are attached for instruction. Usually, the log only has tasks you must do. The instruction is rare in log, except the client wants to know your cleaning method.

  1. Things have been done

As mentioned earlier, the log will add check the sign when certain task is done. It is important to do cleaning based on what have been scheduled. You should follow the order and add signature after finishing.

  1. Timeline

Another important part is timeline. You should put time when cleaning is started and the estimation duration.

  1. Person and resource

Cleaning business has workers and the log must have their names. The resource is related to tool, method, and material.

  1. Additional information

If the previous list is not enough, you can add a section for additional information. Anything that’s worthy to be in the log will be in this part.

Examples of Cleaning Log Templates

The template will help cleaning properly. You can choose some templates that are compatible to your cleaning task. The list of cleaning log templates examples is available in the following section.

  • Simple log
  • House cleaning log
  • Office cleaning log
  • Weekly cleaning log
  • Monthly cleaning log
  • Restaurant log for cleaning
  • Public health cleaning log
  • Respirator cleaning log
  • Hospital log
  • School cleaning log

Some templates are for specific purpose, such as house, school, and hospital. On the other side, you should consider the simple and general cleaning log. This kind of file is practical to implement in almost situation.

The sample or template is only for reference. You may already have them from previous order. If you have different order, the new one is necessary. As you can see, the outline is mostly similar with easy section to modify.

The log sheet is useful as a proof of work. People know what you have been done from this log. Furthermore, cleaning log templates are available as a part of inspection or review method. You can check whether the task on that log is completely finished or not.