College Schedule Template

College Schedule Template Examples for Students

To any college students, even those who do not really do it, scheduling your college life will prevent mishaps in your academic life. Thus, many people are trying to find a fitting college schedule template that will suit their needs. There are several templates that would be discussed in the passage. You might be able to find something that suits your needs in here.


Daily Plan Schedule

This type of template requires you to be more diligent in filling and following it through because of details that go into the schedule. Here are some components that you will find in the template.

  1. Reminders

This part shows you things that you need to do so you will not forget it. College students tend to be swarmed in tasks that they often forget other things important, such as taking cold med at certain hours of the day.

  1. Priority list of tasks

In your college schedule template, it will be better if you have the priority list of tasks. It should start with something with closer due date. It means that you have to do the task as soon as possible.

  1. Important Appointments

You also need to write down your important appointments whether with your professor or project mates in your schedule. Many college students tend to miss important meeting or coming late because they do not put this reminder on their schedule.

  1. Notes

Note is where you are going to write down events that happen within the day. If your professor is giving you assignments or announcing quiz on the next meeting, you should write it down there so you will not forget it.

Weekly Schedule Template

This weekly college schedule template is perhaps the simplest form of template that you can use to organize your days. In this template you only need to write down your classes and other college life related tasks: assignments’ due dates, organization meetings, and group projects. It is very straightforward and you can make it more interesting by adding colors or doodles.

Of course, there is one disadvantage from cramping your weekly schedules in such tight space like this. You may have troubles in looking at the schedules. It is also hard for you to include all important details that might be related to your study. As an example: you cannot write down the topics discussed in class at one meeting.

Weekly Class Schedule and Assignments

In this template that goes by weekly, you will have your class schedule in a week listed in blocks. The class schedule is colored in blue so you will be able to differentiate it easily from other periods in your days. The blank space when you do not have class to attend can be used for your study sessions or even meeting up with friends.

On the right side, there is a specific part of the college schedule template dedicated for your assignments. It is divided based on your days. You can write down assignments that you receive on Monday below the date. Thus, you will not forget it if you review your weekly schedule later on.