Construction Schedule Template

Construction Schedule Template for Residential and Commercial Projects

Construction schedule template is the pre-made form you may use when you create a plan with timeline accordingly for construction work or project. Inside the template is the list of construction activities in a chronological sequence from the start of the project until the end of it. Aside from the information about the required time for the whole project and the due date, it should also contain the allocated time period for each activity. Other details such as resource details or shift working unit may also be included inside the template.


Why You Should Use the Template during Construction Project

Incorporating construction schedule template would be a big help into your project. Here are several reasons of the benefits you’ll get if you organize your project by the template.

  1. It gives clear idea about completion time

Whether you are a home owner or working in the construction company, you can get vision of when the project will be finished by using the schedule. For business purposes, in case there’s a delay regarding the due date, you’d be able to inform the client beforehand.

  1. It allows you to know about the cost estimation

By creating an organized schedule, you can estimate the cost, especially the management cost and labor cost. It is very convenient to have early calculation to see if you need any adjustment to make.

  1. It makes sure that the client and contractor is on the same page

The schedule is made prior to the start of the project, so in case there’s a misunderstanding in the future regarding the construction work, both the contractor and the client may refer back to the schedule that has been agreed by both parties in advance.

  1. It allows you to monitor the project

Once the project is taking place, there must be expectation on both due date and required budget. Suppose the project is taking longer time than scheduled or the cost has inflated from the initial estimation, you can discuss the issue with the contractor or construction company.

What You Need to Do Before Making the Schedule

The purpose of using construction schedule template is to get a map out of your project and the entire task regarding it. Before even creating the schedule, make sure you’re already done these following things.

  1. Listing all the task or activities throughout the project.

You have to also include description of each task in details, and include breakdowns if necessary.

  1. Identify the dependency of the task

There are some tasks that cannot start before another begin, so determine each of them and their duration.

  1. Assign the people

Write down the person who’s in charge of responsibility for each task.

How to get the Schedule Template

Simply download the construction schedule template that matches with your needs in order to plan, track and manage your projects. You may also edit and modify the template by adding information about dates, tasks, resource, or progress details. The schedule form is available for residential or commercial construction works.