Daycare Schedule Template

Daycare Schedule Template and the List of Activities

Being a parent is not easy, but it is exciting and enjoyable. Some people cannot stay at home and choose daycare for their children. In order to find the proper place, parents should check the schedule for the baby or children. This is where the daycare principal must use the daycare schedule template.

Keep in mind the daycare is not school. You often think your toddler will learn more before kindergarten. On the contrary, the schedule only provides a basic need for children’s development. Mostly, the schedule only has playtime. The activities must focus to avoid tantrum or bad moods.

The Activities on Daycare Schedule

For your information, daycare consists of free service or paid one. Parents choose free daycare if they do not want to bother with the quality. Sometimes, the best daycare is the one you should pay for this service. Of course, regardless of financial support, daycare has a responsibility to support, protect, and keep the children.

Daycare staff has a schedule based on certain categories. They follow instructions and adjust some aspects. Parents can check what their kids do. The list of common activities is explained in the following section.

  1. Playing

The toddler is in at peak growth that’s always active with high curiosity. Daycare usually uses playing sessions with various games. The activity must be engaging which keeps their interest as long as possible.

  1. Storytelling

Besides draining energy physically, daycare can use activity that consumes the mind and mental. Of course, such a thing must be at kid level. The best choice is storytelling. Children can sit in the chair or floor for listening to the story. Interaction between storyteller and children will bring the situation to be joyful.

  1. Group art

Group art is an activity that’s capable to develop art skills. The best option is coloring and drawing. A toddler can use coloring and the older kids will do the drawing.

The daycare schedule template contains the above components. Furthermore, the schedule combines a timeline in each activity. Daycare prepares the schedule carefully to ensure the kids always have high enthusiasm.

Daycare Schedule Samples

The sample or template for the daycare schedule consists of several formats. In general, the outline is mostly similar. The schedule has a list of activities, a timeline, and notes. The examples of the template will be listed at the below section.

  • General daycare schedule
  • Infant and baby daycare
  • Toddler daycare
  • Daily schedule
  • Weekly and monthly schedule
  • Schedule for daycare staffs
  • Family daycare schedule

From the above list, you see some schedules related to daycare. The basic template is suitable for general purposes. The schedule also adjusts alongside the age and condition. Infant and babies have their own schedule. Kids are separated based on the age. Toddler and the older ones are an indifferent group. Those are what you see on the daycare schedule template.

Moreover, daycare mostly already has a schedule based on past experience. In order to attract more new parents, some programs and schedules are implemented. Today, some daycares have extra service that integrates schedules into school preparation.

Parents may have their own schedule for daycare. The daycare schedule template has a format that’s specifically for the family. They prepare activities and invite children to join.