House Cleaning Schedule Template

Make Cleaning Your House Fun with House Cleaning Schedule Template

Everyone has a different cleaning routine. Some people may do it every day while some others only pick certain days to do it. However, do you really have to find a day to clean the house all at once? Cleaning house by the following schedule is easier for sure. You can set cleaning priorities while saving your energy and time in cleaning. So, grab a house cleaning schedule template to help you out.


Basic Components of a House Cleaning Schedule

A house cleaning schedule template will present a cleaning checklist that organized all of the things you need to do. By following the list one by one, you will feel that cleaning a house is no longer a burden. The activity list will be categorized based on the house area in priority order to make you easier in cleaning:

  1. Living room

Since the living room is the most public part of a house and commonly the first place to be exposed to everyone (which may result in your guests’ impression of your house), it is placed as the first priority to clean. The checklist will include activities like dust the hard surfaces, vacuum carpets or rugs, sweep and mop the floor, clean windows, etc.


  1. Kitchen

Indirectly, the health of a house depends on the kitchen’s cleanliness since it is where you cook food and at the same time produce garbage. Germs and bacteria may grow from a dirty kitchen and threat family health. A house cleaning schedule templates will list activities like clean and organize the pantry, clean countertops, check the expiry of food, clean out dishwasher, wipe down the sink, etc.


  1. Bedroom

Here is where you spend around one-third of your life. This fact is convincing enough to be the reason that your bedroom needs to be cleaned regularly to make it comfortable. Change sheets, dust shelves, and furniture, rotate the mattress, laundry the curtains, and vacuum floors are some sample activities listed here.


  1. Bathroom

It is important to keep this place clean because you need to clean yourself here. Keep the bathroom well maintained and do regular cleaning like wash shower curtains, clean shower, wipe down the sink, etc.


  1. Corridors or lobbies

These parts of a house often get ignored because they have no special function. However, corridors and lobbies connect between rooms so they can develop impressions about a house from their cleanliness. The examples of cleaning activities listed are dust ceiling corners, sweep and mop floors, replace light bulbs, etc.


The Cleaning Chores

A house cleaning schedule template will provide details of cleaning frequency. There are daily chores (like making the bed, washing dishes, and cleaning up any dirt or spills), weekly chores (for example: doing laundry and cleaning bathroom), monthly chores, and seasonal chores.


Useful Cleaning Tips

To complete the house cleaning schedule template you already had, consider these tips when you are cleaning the house:

  • Waste old things to reduce your items.
  • Organize and minimize closets.
  • Use microfiber cloths to dust.
  • Ensure your vacuum cleaner’s bag is not full when vacuuming.
  • Start mopping from the farthest corner then move back towards the room entrance.
  • Wax the wooden furniture.