Lesson Schedule Template

Lesson Schedule Template for Several Objectives

You can have a simple lesson schedule that’s enough for basic needs. For students, the time frame becomes an important part. The teacher can create a schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly. At the end of the period, there is an examination to know how much the students learn.


Details of the Schedule for Lesson

The lesson schedule has several aspects you must know. Giving lessons to students takes more than understanding content. You can learn the pedagogic method related to how to conduct the teaching properly. Next list explains what commonly you need for the schedule

  1. Objective and curriculum

The teacher has an objective or goal that must be done at the end of the lesson. Such a goal is the key point in the schedule. In fact, the main reason why creating a schedule is that goal. In the education field, the curriculum plays a major role to determine what lesson and objective which teachers have. Make sure the goal is precise and easy to understand.


  1. Learning tool and media

In classes, the teacher has many options for learning tools and media. You should choose the one that’s compatible to the lesson and students. Tool and media help students understanding the lesson better. This part is generated from the goal that has been declared.


  1. Timeline

You have goals and media, but the time is limited. Three aspects must come in one term. You should decide the timeline on a schedule that’s enough to cover all lessons properly.


  1. Review and feedback

The schedule requires revision regularly. For new teachers, it takes time until they obtain a regular and reliable formula for developing the schedule. The review helps understanding which part is lack of content. Feedback from students and other teachers will be useful for further improvement.


Examples of Lesson Schedule

The schedule is available with several options depending on the purpose, time frame, and needs. More about them will be on the below list.

  • Simple lesson schedule
  • Daily schedule
  • Weekly and monthly schedule
  • Music lesson schedule
  • Swim lesson schedule
  • Math lesson schedule
  • Summer schedule
  • Winter schedule
  • Elementary lesson schedule
  • High school schedule

Some templates for lesson schedule are for specific lessons, such as music, swim, and math. You can develop the lesson plan and schedule side by side. Another example is the schedule for high school and elementary education level. Both have completely different outlines. You can explore more when checking the schedule for college students.


Template for Lesson Schedule

Schools and teachers usually have a template that they always use since a long time ago. In fact, the template has an outline based on the education system in certain regions. They only do a small modification to adjust to school conditions.

From the template, you can learn many things. In fact, the schedule provides more than a learning plan. You may know when the lesson is expected to be finished. Certain day or hour is free from the lesson, which means the student can relax. This is a part of education that the teacher must put into utmost consideration.

The good thing about the lesson schedule is the free template. You do not have to spend money just for one file. Furthermore, the template is a digital file you can edit easily. Just install compatible software and edit the template for your preference.