letter of recommendation scholarship sample

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship: Sample and Tips

A letter of recommendation for scholarship can make or break a student’s chance of receiving financial aid. Here’s a letter of recommendation scholarship sample, with tips for writing an excellent recommendation.

Dear Scholarship Committee,

It is my pleasure to recommend [Student Name] for [Scholarship Name]. I have had the privilege of working with [Student Name] for [Number of Months or Years] and have watched [him/her/them] grow and excel in [Field of Study/Major/Field of Interest].

[Student Name] has consistently displayed a passion for learning and a dedication to [his/her/their] academic pursuits. [He/She/They] always goes above and beyond what is expected and demonstrates an impressive work ethic. [His/Her/Their] commitment to [Field of Study/Major/Field of Interest] is evident in [his/her/their] high grades and involvement in [Clubs/Research Projects/Internships/Community Service].

Additionally, [Student Name] has a strong character and is a positive influence on [his/her/their] peers. [He/She/They] consistently demonstrates leadership skills and a willingness to help others. [His/Her/Their] ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively has been invaluable to [Project/Team/Research Group].

I have no doubt that [Student Name] will continue to excel in [his/her/their] academic pursuits and make a positive impact in [Field of Study/Community/Industry]. [He/She/They] is truly deserving of [Scholarship Name] and I strongly recommend [him/her/them] for this financial aid opportunity.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or clarification.


[Your Name] [Your Title/Position] [Your Contact Information]

letter of recommendation scholarship sample

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