Nurse Schedule Template

Nurse Schedule Template for Proper Time Management

The nurse has the responsibility to provide care in the hospital. This job seems easy but not as simple as you see. Nursing is one of the exhausting jobs with a high-risk factor. To manage the nurses properly, the hospital uses a nurse schedule template.

The template is dedicated to the nursing schedule. It includes time management, shift swap, time off, and replacement. The nurses must be ready for 24 hours. For such purpose, the hospital manages the nurse schedule that’s capable to cover all shifts properly.


More Details of Nurse Schedule

The next section is about the things you should consider before preparing the nurse schedule. Most of the templates are the ready file that you can use directly. Before finding yours, it is best to consider the factor related to the nurse schedule template.

  1. Schedule outline

The schedule has one purpose, which is a part of work and time management. Two templates may have different contents as they are not from the same hospital. On the other side, the basic layout or outline is similar. The schedule outline will provide everything you need when preparing the nurse schedule.


  1. List of main works

Nursing is involved in almost all activities related to medical treatment and health service. You will find the nurses in many rooms. Their number is at the top list when compared to another hospital employee. To prepare the schedule properly, you must create the list of main works that nurses always do. All works and tasks related to nursing in a certain room are listed based on the priority level.


  1. Additional works

After the main tasks, the next step is extra work that the hospital gives to nurses. Of course, this kind of work must be suitable for nurse skills. However, the job is not a part of what the nurse should do. Additional works are included in the nurse schedule.


The Template for Nurse Schedule

The nurse schedule template is available based on several categories. You can start from a simple layout that’s useful for almost all works. More about template type will be explored in the following section.

  1. Simple nurse schedule

This schedule is suitable for general purposes. Regardless of the place you work, you can rely on a simple template. Some facilities have many nurses and the rest is enough to cover the basic needs. You can adjust that situation with a simple nurse schedule.


  1. Printable schedule for nurse

The schedule is prepared via a computer. You must access the device and see what the schedule is available. However, some files are capable to be printed on paper. Some nurses feel comfortable when having a printable schedule in their hands.


  1. Nursing shift schedule

One important in the nursing schedule is shifts. As you know, this is part of time management that distributes work to nurses in hospitals equally. Of course, each nurse has a different level considered before adding new shifts. In this schedule, all nurses have proper work time, and the replacement is also ready.

The nurse schedule template is available as a free or paid version. The free schedule is enough if you do not have time for installing the advanced system. This template can handle many jobs and you still have it without paying. As an alternative option, the paid version provides additional features based on what clients need.