Office Cleaning Schedule Template

Office Cleaning Schedule Template for Many Purposes

The clean workplace can increase productivity. Employees will feel comfortable and healthy when working in a clean environment. On the other side, the office also produces litter and waste. Proper cleaning will help in to manage this situation. You can use the office cleaning schedule template for that purpose.

The schedule provides a list of cleaning tasks that workers must do. The office or company usually has particular workers or division that handles this kind of jobs. Regular employees are unusual to do full cleaning tasks, such as wiping windows and washing the floor. However, each employee has a responsibility to make the desk clean.


Preparing Office Cleaning Schedule

You should consider a few aspects before preparing the office cleaning schedule template. As you know, the template is just a tool and you are the key to ensure the tool becomes useful. Check the list below for more explanation.

  1. Location or area

The first thing to consider is the location or area. The office is mostly indoor where people work inside the building. Indoor cleaning will handle the garbage, waste, dust, debris, and anything that makes the room look dirty. On the other hand, outdoor is related to tasks from the outside buildings, such as cleaning windows. This task is most irregular.


  1. List of cleaning tasks

As mentioned above, the cleaning has tasks to be done. In the schedule, all tasks or works are listed and explained. You must know the works to properly clean a certain area.


  1. Cleaning worker and person in charge

After the tasks are enlisted, the next step is the person who is in charge and will do the cleaning work. The company can have a division to handle the cleaning field. In that case, every worker in that division will receive a cleaning task. All names are listed based on certain tasks and areas. As an alternative, the company may consider outsourcing work for cleaning the office.


  1. Cleaning timeline and duration

In the schedule, the timeline and duration play a major role. Cleaning must be on time and follow the duration. The late completing task will affect the rest of the job.


  1. Material and tools

The cleaning office requires material and tools. The company can provide them, or the cleaning workers will take responsibility as long as they receive the budget. Proper tools make excellent results, and the cleaning is done faster.


Download the Template for Office Cleaning

You can have an office cleaning schedule template from various sources. The file is ready to fulfill your needs. The list of the template you can download it in the below section.

  • Blank template
  • Printable template
  • Shift office cleaning
  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning schedule

Some files are blank with the only tables as layout. This is mostly for a general cleaning schedule. You can implement this template for office cleaning. The most common template is scheduled based on the time frame, such as hourly, daily, and weekly. A worker must clean the office every day. Some jobs are only for weekly and monthly cleaning.

Well, the company often uses a schedule based on the previous period. In this case, the cleaning will be the same task and the workers already know what to do. The template will help to adjust the latest cleaning to ensure all processes are properly done. That’s what you should know about the office cleaning schedule template.