On-Call Schedule Template

On-Call Schedule to Organize Your Employees’ Rotating Shift

On-call, the schedule is a form that used in various work fields, that contains information about the person on charge or shift to make sure someone is available during unexpected and urgent situations. For example, if there is an outage or incident that needs to be responded quickly, the schedule would show who the person is to be on stand-by. In the tech field, the on-call shift is used to ensure that there’s someone to make a response about product downtime or bugs problems or other issues. In the medical field, it is used to create a rotating system between the available doctors to deal with medical emergencies.


Why Is It Important to Create Effective Schedule

The on-call schedule that created and run effectively helps to ensure your customers that they would be provided with consistent, quick, and accessible supports from your business and team. The customers do not have to worry about potential and sudden incidents. Your business is also benefitted by using the schedule because it minimizes neglected issues or scheduling errors. It helps you avoid revenue loss. The shift is also advantageous for your employees as they can stay away from problems such as overwork and sleep deprivation due to irregular schedules. It has been proven that the proper work-time schedule could improve job satisfaction while still maintain productivity.


What to Avoid When Making the Schedule

Below are the common mistakes that people make when creating an on-call schedule. Read them so you can refrain from making the same error.

  1. Copying the same approach from different business

The fact is, a schedule should be created with consideration of unique characteristics that owned by your team or organization. Even the same businesses sometimes have contrasting merits due to another factor such as location. The team size also matters. In short, it has to be tailored to fit your particular team or organization.


  1. Ignoring to provide space for flexibility

There is small to zero chance that the schedule you’ve created would work perfectly. Sometimes the small adjustments are needed to be made. Your employees may need to change or exchange their shifts. In case this issue happened, you have to make sure that you have a backup person to attend an emergency occurrence. The flexibility allows your team to feel more convenient and the problem to be solved faster.


  1. Disregarding balance about work and life

The healthy balance between work and life is often overlooked by business owners, but it is a fatal mistake to do so. The balance is proven to increase loyalty, attachment, and commitment from the employees. By increasing those things, your team will feel more productive and committed, even happier, while the opposites will happen if you force an unhealthy balance. That’s why it should be taken into consideration seriously when you’re trying to plan the schedule.

It is possible to either create an on-call schedule from square one or download the template online. What you need to look for is that the schedule should contain the name of the person or employee on a charge, the rotation period types, and the time for the shift.


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