pay for delete sample letter

How to Write a Pay-for-Delete Letter that Gets Results

A pay for delete letter is a powerful tool to remove negative information from your credit report. Learn how to write a persuasive letter that convinces your creditors to remove the negative mark.

Dear [Creditor’s Name],

I am writing to you today to request a pay-for-delete agreement in regards to the account listed on my credit report. As you are aware, my credit report shows a negative mark due to this account being past due. I understand that this negative information may affect my creditworthiness and make it difficult for me to obtain credit in the future.

However, I am willing to take responsibility for this debt and pay it in full. In return, I kindly ask that you remove the negative information from my credit report. I am aware that this may not be your standard practice, but I am hoping that we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

I am prepared to pay the full amount owed within [insert a reasonable timeframe here], and I ask that you provide me with a written agreement stating that you will delete the negative information from my credit report once the payment has been received. Please note that I am not admitting to any wrongdoing, nor am I asking for any special treatment. I simply wish to rectify the situation and move forward with a clean credit report.

I understand that you may have policies in place that prevent you from agreeing to a pay-for-delete agreement. However, I hope that you will consider my request and understand that this would greatly benefit both of us. If you are willing to accept my offer, please provide me with the necessary information to make the payment, and I will promptly take care of it.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I look forward to resolving this issue with you as soon as possible.


[Your Name]

pay for delete sample letter

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