Payroll Schedule Template

Manage Time to Pay Salary with Payroll Schedule Template

Since payroll is dealing with the right of employees that may affect the productivity of a working environment, it is extremely important to keep it organized with a payroll schedule. A payroll schedule contains data or information about the amount of money that a company or any workplaces pay to the employees. Different workplaces have different payroll system to calculate the salary, that is the reason why choosing the right payroll schedule template must be highlighted.


Consideration of Using a Payroll Schedule Template

Many accounting software available to calculate salaries for the employees automatically, but you must start to consider to use a payroll schedule template for less cost because it is free to download and works in the same way with the accounting software does since it is commonly presented in Excel or Google Docs format (same basic to input numbers and set the formula to calculate the wage).


Important Things to Note before Using a Payroll Schedule Template

A payroll schedule template does not doubt helping the preparation of employee payment, payment of employment taxes, and official documents. But before digging the benefits, you have to ensure the clarity of the following information related to the employee’s wage in your workplace:

  • Working hours of the employees
  • Data of employees’ absences, leaves, and tardiness
  • Employees’ overtime work


Types of Payroll Schedule Templates

Know various types of payroll schedule before choosing the best one to be utilized in your workplace!

  1. Bi-weekly payroll schedule

Use this type if your workplace employs two weeks payroll system.


  1. Daily payroll schedule

Some workplaces pay the employees’ salaries daily for easier calculation. You can also add different information in this type of schedule besides the name of the employee and the amount of wage.


  1. Monthly payroll schedule

This one is the most common type used in many workplaces even though it will take time and energy to organize it because of the longer period than bi-weekly and weekly, moreover for big companies with many employees.


Tips in Choosing and Using the Right Payroll Templates

As mentioned above, it is important to set your workplace payroll system consideration in using a payroll schedule template. Besides the payroll policy, consider these beneficial tips to choose an effective template and to boost its effectiveness!

  1. Check the accuracy of the information to input in the template. Any customization of the template to fit your needs is allowed.
  2. Ensure that the template is easy to use and simple to avoid confusion.
  3. Choose a template with high efficiency to support your workplace payroll system. Avoid one with useless documents or too many unimportant features that can make it too complicated.
  4. Do not give any improper salary deductions to the employees.
  5. It is suggested to include overtime in the payroll policy of the workplace as preparation if this situation arises.
  6. Inform all of the employees if there are any changes in the payroll policy.