sample demand letter for slip and fall

Sample Slip and Fall Demand Letter – Demand Compensation for Your Injuries

If you’ve been injured due to a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Use this sample demand letter for slip and fall to request payment for your damages.

Dear [Property Owner/Manager],

I am writing to demand compensation for the injuries I sustained in a slip and fall accident that occurred on [date] at [location]. As a result of the negligence of the property owner/manager, I suffered physical and emotional harm, and incurred significant medical expenses.

On the day of the incident, I was lawfully present on your property as a customer/guest/tenant. While walking on [describe the location and conditions of the area where the accident occurred], I slipped and fell due to [describe the hazard that caused the fall, such as a wet floor, loose carpet, etc.]. The fall resulted in [describe the injuries you sustained, such as broken bones, sprains, bruises, etc.], which required medical attention.

I would like to remind you that as the property owner/manager, it is your legal obligation to maintain a safe environment for your customers/guests/tenants. Your failure to do so resulted in my injuries, and you are therefore responsible for compensating me for my damages.

My damages include but are not limited to:

  • Medical bills, including the cost of emergency room treatment, doctor visits, medication, and physical therapy
  • Lost wages due to my inability to work while recovering from my injuries
  • Pain and suffering, including physical pain, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life

I demand compensation in the amount of [dollar amount], which represents a fair and reasonable estimate of my damages. If we cannot reach a settlement, I am prepared to pursue legal action to recover the compensation I am entitled to under the law.

I request that you respond to this letter within [number of days, usually 30], and provide me with a written offer of settlement. If I do not receive a response or an offer of settlement within this time frame, I will be forced to take legal action to protect my rights.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your name]

sample demand letter for slip and fall


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