sample financial support letter

Sample Financial Support Letter for Visa Application

Need to write a financial support letter for a visa application? Check out this unique sample financial support letter, to help you get started.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to provide financial support to my friend/relative [FULL NAME] who is applying for a [TYPE OF VISA] visa to [COUNTRY NAME]. I am [YOUR NAME], [YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE APPLICANT], and I am willing to provide [AMOUNT OF MONEY] to support their stay in [COUNTRY NAME].

I have attached my bank statement showing my available funds and my willingness to support [APPLICANT NAME] for the duration of their stay in [COUNTRY NAME]. I will cover all their expenses including accommodation, food, transportation, and other necessary expenses during their stay in [COUNTRY NAME].

[APPLICANT NAME] is a responsible individual and has a stable job/business in [COUNTRY NAME]. They have a good track record of returning to their home country after completing their visits abroad. Additionally, they have provided me with their detailed travel itinerary, including the purpose of their visit, their places of stay, and their intended duration of stay in [COUNTRY NAME].

I assure you that [APPLICANT NAME] will not overstay their visa and will return to their home country before the expiration of their visa. I am also ready to provide any other information or documents that may be required to support this application.

In conclusion, I am confident that [APPLICANT NAME] will comply with all the requirements and regulations of [COUNTRY NAME] and will not be a burden to the authorities during their stay. I hope you will consider this letter as evidence of my financial support and approve their visa application.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.



sample financial support letter

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