Shooting Schedule Template

Shooting Schedule Template for Succeeding a Film Project

The shooting schedule is a very useful tool to organize the tracking of numerous shooting aspects in a video or film making project. Usually, an assistant director has the responsibility of making and managing the shooting schedule, also reporting the schedule to the production manager. Shooting schedule templates are available to make it quick.

Creating a shooting schedule requires a balanced convenience, practicality, and efficiency. Generally, the schedule template helps by representing the daily project plan for film production and contains a timeline that shows about places and times involved during the project.


Why You Should Consider to Use Shooting Schedule Template

Creating a shooting schedule is not a simple task that can be done in just one hour if you start it from the scratch since it includes all important information and details composing a comprehensive project plan of a video or film production.

The details and information mentioned previously cover the list of actors or casts, crew, special effects, locations, and other details about the project. To manage such complicated details, utilizing a shooting schedule template will help so much to make the schedule quickly if you are an assistant director whether you handle a large-scale or a small production.


Types of Shooting Schedule

Keeping track of all of the things that have to be done  in succeeding your video or film production will be much easier and fewer mistakes by using the right shooting schedule, so it is important to pay attention to the types of shooting schedule template below:

  1. Film shooting schedule production/stripboard

This document contains strips for each scene in the schedule that listed based on the shooting order. Between groups of the scene, there are day-break rows as the indication of the end of the day and the beginning of the next day.


  1. 3D film production schedule

This template provides a framework to manage all of the tasks involved in video production. It gives space to reflect the video’s complexity by representing each of the detailed aspects in the schedule, also includes information of pre and post-production elements.


  1. Video production schedule

All detail of the tasks need to be completed for the video production is listed here to run the events smoothly, including times, locations, and food services.


  1. TV production schedule

This template presents the tasks timeline of the program preparation and program hosting whatever the size. It is also handy to allocate production resources. This schedule helps the performers and staff to know when and where they need to be.


Details of Shooting Schedule

An effective shooting schedule template always gives as much detail as possible to support your film or video production, because a lack of information affects productivity and may result in a failed product. Here some detailed information you need to make sure to be in your schedule:

  • Project title (film/video)
  • Name of the director and assistant director
  • Last name
  • Scene number and description
  • Set name
  • Characters in the scene
  • Story
  • Time and location of the shooting