vawa emotional abuse letter sample

Sample VAWA Emotional Abuse Letter

Are you a victim of emotional abuse? Use this vawa emotional abuse letter sample to document your experience and seek protection. 



Dear [Recipient],

I am writing to document the emotional abuse that I have experienced at the hands of [Perpetrator]. As a victim of emotional abuse, I am seeking protection under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

[Perpetrator] has engaged in a pattern of behavior that is designed to control and intimidate me. [He/She] has used a variety of tactics to make me feel powerless and dependent on [him/her]. Some of the ways [Perpetrator] has emotionally abused me include:

  • Constantly criticizing and belittling me, both in private and in public
  • Isolating me from my friends and family by discouraging me from spending time with them and monitoring my phone and computer usage
  • Threatening me with physical harm or abandonment if I don’t comply with [his/her] demands
  • Controlling my access to money and other resources, making it difficult for me to leave the relationship

These are just a few examples of the emotional abuse I have endured. I am deeply traumatized and feel as though I have no control over my own life. I fear for my safety and well-being, and I am seeking protection through VAWA.

I understand that VAWA provides protections for victims of domestic violence, including emotional abuse. I am hoping that you can help me access these protections so that I can feel safe and secure. If there is any additional information that you need from me, please let me know.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

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