Weekly Student Report Template

Weekly Student Report Template and Its Outline

For your information, school and academic institution create a report that informs student achievement and performance. This kind of report uses several periods such as weekly, monthly, semester, and annual. For the regular reports, you can have a weekly student report template.

Also, this report is a weekly basis, which means teachers and school work hard to ensure students receive a report. For such a purpose, you should rely on a template. It shortens your time because already has an outline and section. For your information, the teacher only reports as simple and concise as possible. During one weekly, all growth and development are recorded to complete this report.


The Contents in Weekly Student Report

Weekly student report template may be simple, but content represents what growth and skill that students achieve. The below list gives some examples of contents that should be in this report.

  1. Name and identification

The report is created for certain students. Their names and identification are at the top section of the report. Moreover, you also see the school names and other related identities.


  1. Course and teacher

Report card for weekly basis has two categories. Firstly, the report is for the student based on the entire performance. The report has a list of courses that students attended but contents represent the entire lesson. On the contrary, another report is for one student based on a single course including the name of the teacher. Therefore, the student will have more than one report regarding his or her amount of class.


  1. Tasks and grade

The report has a grade that shows what level the student achieved last week. The grade may be the point, mark, or anything that refers to a value. Other content is the task that enlists what students have done. Performance and grade is an achievement for one week.


  1. Attitude and behavior

Some schools also add attitude and behavior into the report cards. This part is quite similar to tasks and grades. However, school and teacher must put an honest valuation


  1. Commentary

The report has a commentary that comes from the teacher. Students and parents can see what should be done next week to obtain more grades. Furthermore, the commentary is a good section for evaluation.


The Templates for Student Report Cards

As mentioned above, you must use the weekly student report template. Every week, you make the same report for many students. The template will ensure all students have the same layout. Usually, the school has a formal template that all teachers will use for their report cards.

As an alternative, you may look for other sources. Some reports are available as a template from the internet. Files are free without paying anything. Your download and make a template for your report card.

The weekly report also has another name called the report card. It has this name because the layout is similar to a card that does not have much complex structure. You only see the table and some sections that the teacher must complete.

Students use weekly reports as a guide to understanding their level. This is necessary during the school period. Some reports have extended part for detail regarding tasks and examinations. As a teacher, you can modify and extend items on a weekly student report template.