Weekly Workout Schedule Template

Weekly Workout Schedule Template for Achieving Goal

The workout requires physical and mental effort. You can do weight lifting and some cardio tasks. They are necessary to make the body healthy and in shape. One issue is you must have a schedule and follow religiously. For such a purpose, you should consider having a weekly workout schedule template.

The workout does not have to be strict. You have the freedom to create your schedule. As long as you follow every step and task, the workout will deliver the best result. One common issue is lack of motivation, even you do not feel to do workout anymore. Without a strong mental effort, you will end up having a schedule but not implementing it.


Preparing Workout Schedule

A weekly workout schedule template will be useful after you are done preparing preliminary things. Check the below list for more explanation.

  1. List of activities

The schedule has activities that you must do. Everyone has a different purpose when doing a workout. All activities and exercises are dedicated to achieving that goal. You make a list and put every exercise into the proper schedule.


  1. Time and duration

You can do a workout once or twice per week. This is mostly for visiting the gym. On the other hand, time depends on what kind of exercise you try. Simple tasks take less time and you do again next period. Keep in mind that a longer duration is good as long as you do exercise properly. Calculate duration and add into weekly schedule for workout.


  1. Goal and commitment

Goal and commitment are two things that many people forget when doing the workout. You cannot follow others without understanding what goal you want. Expert and professional help will create a schedule based on your goal. The last part is about the commitment that you follow a schedule and complete all exercises.


Template for Weekly Workout Schedule

Several templates will fulfill your need for a weekly workout schedule. You pick one of them based on your preference.

  1. Blank template

The blank template still has an outline and few items. It is mostly for regular workouts. You may modify it into the personal schedule or integrate it with your gym tasks.


  1. Personal weekly workout schedule

A weekly workout schedule template is also available for personal use. Some people have the goal and believe in themselves to implement. For such a purpose, they can use a personal weekly schedule.


  1. Gym schedule

The most common schedule is from the gym that you must follow. In that case, you attend and do a workout in the gym regularly. Find professional trainer before you implement this schedule.


  1. Home workout schedule

You do not need a gym if the home is enough for a workout. Most of the exercises are done just by simple tools. Therefore, you make scheduled weekly and do workout regularly.

The schedule is just a tool to manage time and tasks. You follow what has been written. After several weeks, you start seeing the result. This is what workout supposed to be. A schedule helps you achieve the goal. Moreover, a weekly workout schedule template is available as a free file. You download without paying anything. The free template is enough to deliver the best workout schedule.